All wood cutouts are cut to order; we do not keep inventory. Current turn around time is approximately 5 business days to process orders of existing designs and 15 business days for personalized items.

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Shipping Calculations

We do not aim to make money off of our shipping charges.  Shipping charges are calculated based on weight of item and packaging.  When ordering large quantities, sometimes shipping charges may be over inflated due to packaging weight being calculated into each item.  If there is ever a time where the shipping charges are more than our shipping rates plus packing materials, we will refund the difference.  Large orders tend to be affected the most and if your shipping cost is unusually high, please message us on our Facebook page ( so we can resolve the issue. 

If you have multiple orders, we will do what we can to process and ship these all together.

Local Pick Up

As a courtesy to our local customers, we offer local pick up by appointment only.  Once the new production facility is built, all pick ups will be done at the new facility.