All wood cutouts are cut to order; we do not keep inventory. Current turn around time is approximately 7 business days to process orders of existing designs and 15 business days for personalized/custom items and 30+ business days for new item requests.

Kitsch And Confetti

Welcome to Kitsch And Confetti's cutout source where you can find all of her template designs available in already cut wood blanks. 

Blanks are offered from sizes 4" through 24", with and without paint lines as well as 3D options on applicable ones.

Want to save $$$ on these designs?!?!?

Then join one or both of Kitsch And Confetti's clubs.  Here are some highlights of what benefits you will receive on our site by being a member:

  • Exclusive member only access to current month designs
  • 30% reduced price on blanks for group designs
  • 15% reduced price on all other Kitsch And Confetti designs
  • 15% discount code to use on our site for all other non member and non designer blanks

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    About the Artist

    My name is Regina! I’m on the back end of my thirties, live in the south & am married to the most kind, humble, happy hunk on the planet. We have the world’s coolest kiddo and three shadows-errrr shih tzus!

    In a past life, I've been an elementary school teacher, a classroom supervisor and most recently worked for a local university. I’ve been in education and social service my entire life, and I never dreamed that my creative outlet would become my full time job. Kitsch & Confetti continues to give me the opportunity to lead, learn and grow alongside our incredible creative community.

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