All wood cutouts are cut to order; we do not keep inventory. Current turn around time is approximately 5 business days to process orders of existing designs and 15 business days for personalized items.

Oh So Darling Studio

About the Artist:
I am now a stay-at-home mom & wife. I have 2 children, one of which is on the autism spectrum.  Painting has always been a passion of mine & I absolutely love creating these oh so darling door hangers, wreath attachments & more.  Before I started painting door hangers you could find me painting the walls of my home. Although my walls didn’t have cute polka dots, florals & glitter, I loved painting. I honestly can’t tell you how many different colors & coats of paint are on my walls.  As someone who suffers from severe anxiety & depression painting has become an outlet for me.  When I’m painting, the world is so still & silent, my brain stays concentrated on what I’m doing & that is all.