All wood cutouts are cut to order; we do not keep inventory. Current turn around time is approximately 7 business days to process orders of existing designs and 15 business days for personalized/custom items and 30+ business days for new item requests.

Restoring Lovely

Get to know the artist:

Hey there! I’m Erin. I live in the beautiful state of Alabama and am proud to be a “redline” wife to an amazing fireman! While I’m a full time hairstylist who loves to travel and hike, growing up with a mother who taught art classes, I guess it was destiny I would eventually join the art community. We started in 2018 as a way to fundraise for a mission trip to Africa - never did I imagine the way it would continue to grow! Wherever you are, however big or small your business is, just keep going-the best is yet to come!

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