All wood cutouts are cut to order; we do not keep inventory. Current turn around time is approximately 5-7 business days to process orders of existing designs and 30 business days for personalized items.

Custom/New Item Requests

****Please Read ALL Before Submitting a Request****

Processing Time 30+ Business Days but can be lower depending on request.

Due to resource constraints, time involved vectorizing, legal issues, etc., we will not fulfill the following:

1.  No “one-off” requests for designs that cannot be sold publicly. This includes but not limited to:

              a.  Your or a customer's logo unless you are planning to order a large quantity.

                b.  A school's logo unless it is generic enough to be used by others.

                  c.  A design you drew but do not want it sold publicly.

        2.  Do not submit a request of someone else's work unless you have permission from the creator.

        3.  No trademark or copyrighted items.

        Submit only one design per request.  It can be of multiple sizes but one request cannot be for multiple designs.  This will require us to have you resubmit and only prolong turnaround time.

        If you are submitting a design of someone else’s work, please include where you found the design and the artist’s/designer’s name.  In some cases, the work cannot be recreated as an identical and will be altered using our design resources.

         Requesting products already on the site or submitting custom name requests through this form only slows down the process of fulfilling your order and creates undue work on our end.

        If you are looking for a custom name-word(s), please use the following link:

        Due to the time it takes to create and load new items, we ask that you allow us at least 30 business days to process especially for items for which we do not already have a design for or customized/personalized items.  Business days are considered Monday through Friday.  Holidays that fall on Monday through Friday are not considered business days.  Shipping/Transit time is not included in our processing time.  Although we often times work at night and through the weekends, we use that time to ensure our production schedule does not fall behind.

        How To Submit A New Item Request

        1. Fill out all applicable fields.
        2. Attach a picture or even a sketch of what you want us to create
        3. Approximate sizes are key pieces of information we need.  We don't need to know all measurements.  Just the longest side and we can figure it out from there.
        4. Enter the quantity needed for the new item.
        5. Click add to cart.
        6. Fill a new item request out for each new UNIQUE item.
        7. Once you have added all your new item requests to the cart, you can check out as if it was any other order.  You can even add this along with existing items.
        8. You should receive an email "order confirmation" once your check out is complete.
        9. Once we get to your item in the work queue, we will contact you with any questions and the design mock up along with price.
        10. When you are good with the design, we will add item to our site and send you the link to purchase it.

        New Item Request Process

        1. Customer submits request which is automatically set up in our work queue.
        2. Once we get to your item in the work queue, a design assessment is made.
        3. If any questions arise during the design assessment, we will contact you.
        4. During the design process, the art is configured in 2 different pieces of software.
        5. Customer is then contacted with mock design.
        6. Pricing cannot be fully confirmed until design is complete.
        7. Once customer is good with design, product page is then uploaded to the website and link to product on the site sent to customer.

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